Album Artwork for “Back to the Stoned Age”
by on July 9, 2019 in Stillbirth
Look at this beauty. Our new album “Back to the Stoned Age” will be out in round about one month. This is the landscape version of the new cover, done by Aghy R Purakusuma. Thx to DPK Studios for recording / mix / master.Keep your eyes open because the presale will start in some days. We joined forced with our first label Rotten Roll Rex to get this beast out. Rotten Roll Rex supported us with our second Album “Plakative Aggression”, so we thought it would be nostalgic to get the guys also for our Rerecording Album.

We are still at Unique Leader Records and the new Album with new songs will be written after the release of “Back to the Stoned age”. The Release is planned for next year.

Stay prepared for heavy new merch, bundles and a lot of great stuff at our store. Everybody who ordered merch the last month, it will be shipped this week.

Stay sick and be prepared for more news!


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