First Single Release – “Panem et Circenses”
by on June 23, 2020 in Fun Promotion Stillbirth

Only 3 days left and we will unleash our first single “Panem et Circenses”.

In the meantime we wanna tell you something about the Cover-Artwork. Lukas Swiaczny worked more than 15 hours on the concept and the pre-work. The result was a Word-Document with more than 25 pages full of Details and artworks how it should look.

Aghy R Purakusuma started his work in October 2019 and finished everythig in May 2020. He spend much more than 100 working hours to get this cover done. If you zoom in, than you can even spot the King’s Logo on the Money which was thrown into the pit (and a guy with money which is not valid in this new world – fake money). We LOVE details and eastereggs on our covers, so we are really happy about the result. Aghy did an amazing job and he also created a piece of art. He was already our designer for the “Annihilation of Mankind” and “Back to the Stoned Age” cover and we will work with him on our next release too. If you need a cover-artwork for your band, don’t sleep on this killer Designer.

Here you got some pictures from the building process from the scatch till the last corrections.

We are HIGHly looking forward to release our new beast “Revive the Throne” on Unique Leader Records


artwork_01 artwork_02 artwork_03 artwork_04 artwork_05 artwork_06

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