Friday is highday and today it’s double special.

Friday is highday and today it’s double special.


We are highly looking forward to release our new beast “Revive the Throne” on our favorite Label Unique Leader Records on 7th August 2020. The Album features 11 Songs (36 minutes) and is the heaviest material we have written so far.
You can expect razor sharp guitar riffs, pounding Drums, a superb vocal arrangement and the first Stillbirth Recording with 2 Basses for maximum brutality! Once again we had the pleasure to Record and Mix the Album at DPK Studios and got a banging Master from our good friends over at Demigod Recordings.
Our cover-designer Aghy R Purakusuma did an amazing job as well and we think this is the best Stillbirth-Album in our history. We can’t wait to hear the opinions of our fans.


1. Degraded to Mutilation

2. Revive the Throne

3. Degeneration

4. Mans Tormentor

5. Panem et Circenses

6. Breed of Bestiality

7. Eating Flesh of the Objector

8. Revolt of the Weak

9. Echoes of the Trumpets

10. Unleash the Mutation

11. Dethrone the King

The first single from “Revive the Throne” will be released 02nd June and pre-order bundles will be available from this date here: (US) and (Eur)

Bandmember Stillbirth:

Lukas Swiaczny – Vocals

Sims AiEi Focker (Simon Stürmlinger) – Guitar

Jens Strack – Guitar

Dominik Pumpa König – Bass Guitar

Lukas Kaminski – Bass Guitar

Martin Gruesome (Martin Grupe) – Drums

Check out the amazing artwork and share the news!

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