Happy 4/20!!!
by on June 23, 2020 in Label & More Stillbirth

Happy 4/20 to everybody,

today Stillbirth is 21 years old now. When I (Lukas Swiaczny) started this project i never believed it will last that long. We had a lot of downturns and switching members through all this years, but iam happy that Dominik Pumpa König joined the Band in 2005 and since than we are staying strong together. We were also lucky to get the sexiest Drummer alive and Martin Gruesome joined the Band in 2016. More HIGH fashion should follow and Sims AiEi Focker joint the band in 2017. We played a lot of shows together and heavy tours like the Asia run in 2018. Also in 2018 our 2nd guitarist Jens Strack joined the band and his first show Stillbirth as a member was the Summer Breeze Open Air. In 2019 finally we found our last member Lukas Kaminski because one Bass is just not enough to cover all the heavyness we wanna deliver!

Thanks to everybody who played in Stillbirth like Wol Phil Rine, Seb Sto, Jan Wiede, AK420, Philipp Schubert, Fabian Wallenfang, Schmanu, Hafna, Matt Attack, the Zembala Bros, and all we forgot now :D

And thanks to all the Fans you are supporting us all the years. We are doing this shit just for you guys.

This year we will release our next Album “R***** T** T*****” on Unique Leader Records. There are a lot of news coming the next weeks, so stay prepared for some madness.

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