New Album “Back to the Stoned Age”
by on June 5, 2019 in Stillbirth

BOOOOOM, out of nowhere!

We will release a new Album this August. It’s called “Back to the stoned Age” and we rerecorded some of our old songs.
On every Album we had a different line-up, so we wanted to show you, how our old songs sound with the new line-up! And we can promise you, it will be heavy!

1. Riot auf der B├╝hne
2. Open Up this fuckin Pit
3. Endgame is Near
4. Human Parasite
5. Chainsaw vs. Face
6. Beating Pacifists
7. Global Error
8. Individual Related
9. Legalize it (new song)
10. Steuerklasse 1 und keiner sagt danke
11. Addicted to Abortion
12. On the Edge of Society
13. Brootal Party

Stay tuned for more news!

Coverwork by Aghy R. Purakusuma

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