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by on August 6, 2018 in English Reviews Reviews

Another Review for Annihilation of Mankind flew in!

Metal Temple gave us 8/10 Points! Great that they liked the new Album.

STILLBIRTH is about to unleash their fifth album, “Annihilation of Mankind” on August 31st 2018 via Unique Leader Records. Hailing from Hagen, Germany and formed in 2002 STILLBIRTH is self described as death metal, grindcore, beat down funk and surf, these guys are fantastically overly efficient at creating shin cracking, head bashing, eye gouging death metal. The vocals are low pig grunts, deep throated gurgling with a pounding death rattle drum style, and dropped tuned rhythmic convulsing guitar and bass. Lets top all that off with some death-core attributes. Nothing wrong with adding an appropriate 808 at just the right time. The albums opener “Fictional Entertainment” begins with an abrupt stomp and a low-fi lead before slamming into fast paced thick grinding. And the lowest toned vocals I have heard. The track repeats the low-fi lead riff as a breakdown. These break downs are more like random intermissions than transitions which aids in a unique designation for STILLBIRTH….”

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