Stillbirth destroyes Corona
by on June 23, 2020 in Fun Gigs Stillbirth

Yo sickos,

the coronashit is spreading and a lot of our coming shows are cancelled or still not sure if the happen. We also had a show at the The Dark Side Of The Huhn Volume 4 this Saturday. It’s not happening, BUT we are hungry for our first gig in 2020, so we decided to do a Live-Stream-Gig with all of you guys.

We will play a 45 minutes set – original in our swimming shorts – with songs of all albums and also new songs of your upcoming album which will be released on Unique Leader Records

Don’t miss this private home show!
Stillbirth destroyes Corona – Rehearsal Edition – Live Stream

The Live Streams will be on FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM and we are working also on twitch.

After the gig we will play some songs, which you guys wanna hear and we will also do a little Q/A and shit like that.

If you wanna support us and buy something, than hit our store

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