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Guest vocalists on Annihilation of Mankind

Did you already checked out our new CD “Annihilation of Mankind”? We are proud on our amazing guest-vocalists. Did you

September 4, 2018
Annihilation of Mankind is out

Our new Album “Annihilation of Mankind” is out NOW! We already got a full album Stream on Youtube. Check it

August 31, 2018
Merchbomb of 2018 dropped

Boom here comes the… Boom ready or not! Our preorders for our new Album “Annihilation of Mankind” are online in

August 9, 2018
Review from Temple of Metal

Another Review for Annihilation of Mankind flew in! Metal Temple gave us 8/10 Points! Great that they liked the new

August 6, 2018
Psychological Manipulation Lyric Video premiered by Decibel Magazine

Yesterday we had sad news, today a great news for you! Decibel Magazine premiered our first ever Lyric Video and

July 18, 2018
Annihilation of Mankind will be released by Unique Leader Records

We are more than happy, that our baby “Annihilation of Mankind” will be out on Unique Leader Records Records on

June 19, 2018
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