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Stillbirth will be support of Cannibal Corpse

MASSIVE NEWS MONDAY We will bring devastation and brutality over Zeche Bochum at 13.08.2018 with the legendary Cannibal Corpse be

July 2, 2018
Stillbirth live at Genital Festival 2018

Uh yeah, another great festival for this year! We are hitting the stage of the Genital Festival 2018 this May!

March 19, 2018
Live in Zug at the Monthly Assault Family Reunion!!

Live in Zug at the Monthly Assault Family Reunion with fellow brothers in slam!! RectalDepravity, Anachronism, Placenta Powerfist and Clitcommander!!

February 17, 2018
Stillbirth – Margin Call – Live at Berlin Deathfest 2015

The first footage of the great Berlin Deathfest 2015 arrived. Check out this unique Video of Margin Call. I think

October 14, 2015
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