Thank you 2017!!!
by on December 20, 2017 in Gigs Promotion Stillbirth

The year is getting to the end and we wanna thank you all for this amazing support in 2017!

We played our last show of 2017 at the turock – disco, live-club and lounge together with Vileblood, Diaroe, GUTALAX ( cz gore grind ) and Gut and the house was packed! What a great ending of a great year.

We played a lot of shows around Europe and every one of it was special. In spring we did a tour with Vulvodynia and Obsolete Incarnation and played sick festivals like the Monthly Assault or the Holsteiner Death Fest and a lot of sold out shows. The second tour in August/September with GUTSLIT, Splattered and Carnivore Diprosopus started at the best festival in the world ( :p ), the Deathfeast Open Air and ended at the sick Meh Suff Open Air. We also killed the UK Slam Fest Events and the Grindfeast Events. Thanks for everybody who supported the shows of both tours, you are killer!

Also special thanks to Mike Heinemann, Jens Strack, Fabio Rainer, Marco Reinhardt, Vladimír Prokoš, Kevin Acranius Petersen, Juro Immortal Haríň, Zdenek GtBoy, Nikko DeLuna, Peter Siewert, Remo Hüsser, Sven Rüttimann, Maarten Vermeulen, Joe Mortimer, Ellen J van Heezen, Elie Lahoud-Pinot, Lenny Suden Kaziou, Vaizal Bahari, Erik Lindmark, Tomáš Reef Kuča, Ronny Frohner, Gregor Woitzik, Fabienne Ot, Gurdip Singh Narang, Duncan Bentley, Cathrine Anelishia Sinclair-Drever, DPK Studios, Sebastian Blesel, Nova Rizal and all the people we can’t tag here. You helped us a lot and we are really thankful for it.

So let’s get it on and let’s kill 2018 together again! Our new CD “Annihilation of Mankind” will be released soon and we got a big tour ahead of us. You can guess which part of the world will be conquered next :)
We also got a lot of Shows confirmed and a lot of shows not announced now. Be prepared for more live brutality!

Thank you all! You are killer! Best scene in the world!

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