Voices from the darkside – Global Error Review (English)
by on April 6, 2015 in English Reviews Reviews

Voices from the Darkside got our new CD Global Error. Check out what they think about it.


“German Grind / Death outfit STILLBIRTH present their fourth output via Rising Nemesis Records. Active since 1999, these slashers from North Rhine-Westphalia have dedicated themselves to the brutal and ugly side of Death Metal, called Grindcore. The eleven tracks plus intro of their new opus “Global Error” present the band in a pretty good shape. In thirty-nine skull-crushing minutes, the band shows all parts of their fine skills. Technical Death Metal / Grindcore at its best, with deep grunts, often changing into shouts and screams. Fast and precise drumming with the genre typical blast beats and fast pounding double-bass attacks, driving the bands sound through the eleven tracks. The guitars are hard and rough but also very melodic in some songs. Especially ‘Media Zombies’ is a real killer track with a fine Heavy Metal melody meeting cool Grind…”

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